51 Minutes

Episode 166 – Savannah Knoop, Adam Bolt

May 08, 2019


Savannah Knoop is an artist, writer and storyteller. They are the co-writer of the film JT LeRoy, which in turn is based off of their memoir Girl Boy Girl, about how Knoop became the public face of “author” JT LeRoy, who in reality, was an elaborate hoax by writer Laura Albert – the then-boyfriend of Knoop’s brother Greg. The film stars Laura Dern as Albert, Kristen Stewart as Savannah, Jim Sturgess as Greg and Diane Kruger as Eva, a character based off real-life actress Asia Argento.

Adam Bolt is an editor and cinematographer. His feature-length directorial debut is the documentary Human Nature, which follows the evolution of CRISPR, a DNA sequencing genome. It’s science-y. The film is executive produced by Dan Rather.

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