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Endeavours 012 – VIFF: Spotlight on LGBTQ+

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It was recently National Coming Out Day and coupled with the Vancouver International Film Festival, we are taking a look at the some of the best LGBTQ+ programming! There are two great documentary filmmakers on tap today: Jenny Gage, who helmed the wonderful All This Panic! and Eric Juhola who tells us about Growing Up Coy. For today’s musical guest it is Cymbals Eat Guitars!

Jenny Gage is a documentary filmmaker from New York. Her film – All This Panic! – is a beautifully crafted portrayal of what it means to be a teenage girl growing up in the digital. The film follows seven girls – sisters Ginger & Dusty, Dusty’s best friend Delia, Ginger’s best friend Lena, Lena’s other friend Olivia, Ginger’s acquaintance Ivy, and Ivy’s friend Sage – over the course of three years as they navigate high school, college, career choices, sexuality, love, romance, and ultimately, their future. It is intimate, it is raw, it is wonderful.

Cymbals Eat Guitars are an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Their fourth album, released September 16 is entitled Pretty Years. I spoke with bass Matt Whipple about the project.

Eric Juhola is the director of Growing Up Coy, at times a heart-wrenching documentary that follows the Mathis family from Colorado as they fight for their six year old transgender daughter Coy. The family was told that Coy was not allowed to use the female washroom at her school – the only options available were the boy’s or the nurses station. Her parents – Jeremy and Kathryn – decided to sue. They won a victory for human rights.



From Cymbals Eat Guitars’ fourth album Pretty Years
Have a Heart

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