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Endeavours 013 – VIFF Wrap-up

Hey again, it’s been a while.

A programming note: Endeavours is now returning to once-a-week. This week is our final Vancouver International Film Festival episode featuring documentary filmmaker Benjamin Ree (Magnus) and Canadian writer-director Kevan Funk (Hello Destroyer) as well as the music of Winnipeg-based quintet Sapphire Empire.

Benjamin Ree is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Oslo, Norway. His previous films include When Ailin Kissed Lars.  His feature length debut documentary Magnus is a portrait of world chess Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Sapphire Empire is a genre-bending artistic experience from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their self-titled EP was released in March, 2015.

Kevan Funk is a Canadian writer-director. After making short films for nearly a decade, he has come out with his first feature length narrative story. Hello Destroyer is the ultimate Canadian movie experience, as it follows a small-town hockey player whose life changes after an incident of on-ice bullying.

From Sapphire Empire’s self-titled EP
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