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Endeavours – FanExpo #2: Cosplaying With Sailor Moon

Greetings fellow nerds!

Today is our and second and final show from FanExpo Vancouver 2016. As a special treat, there three Expo guests, in addition to the regular music feature. First you’ll here from comic book artist and illustrator Jae Lee, followed by internet personality, vlogger and cosplayer Meg Turney. Finally, our coverage wraps up with voice actress Linda Ballantyne. The music guest this week is The Julie Ruin.


Jae Lee is a comic book artist and illustrator who has worked for a variety of publishers including Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. His work with Paul Jenkins on InHumans garnered the pair an Eisner Award for Best New Series. He has also worked on the mini-series Before Watchmen: Ozymandias as well as the Dark Tower comic adaptation of Stephen King, in addition to numerous other titles for Marvel.

Mug Turney is an internet personality and cosplayer who first rose to fame on the Philip DeFranco-created YouTube news channel SourceFed. She followed that up with hosting gigs on Rooster Teeth’s The Know. In addition to her online popularity, she has gained fame for her intricate cosplays, which have included Princess Leia, Faye Valentine and Psycho. Because of this, she was featured on the Syfy series, Heroes of Cosplay.

The Julie Ruin is a lo-fi, indie garage-punk band originating in New York and started by Kathleen Hanna, formerly of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. It’s members include former bandmate Kathi Wilcox, and Kiki & Herb’s Kenny Melman. Their second album, Hit Reset, was released in July.

Linda Ballantyne is a Canadian voice-actress most well known for her stint as the title role in the 2nd half of the English adaptation of the wildly successful and groundbreaking anime show Sailor Moon. She has also worked on Will & Dewitt, Yin Ying Yo, Doodlebops, and Mia & Me.

From The Julie Ruin’s Hit Reset
I Decide
Planet You
I’m Done

Endeavours 016 – FanExpo#1: Let’s Get Nerdy


My wifi and reception has been up-and-down since I have been here in New York, so there was a dealy in getting this episode up. Will be additional episode up this weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Today is the first of two shows featuring interviews from FanExpo Vancouver. This show features comic book writer Dan Parent, voice actor Chris Sabat and the music from Bad Suns.

Dan Parent is a comic book writer and illustrator who is most well-known for his work on Archie. In 2012, Parent created Kevin Keller, the first gay character in Archie’s long history when he first appeared as a friend of Veronica in Veronica #202; he was soon spun-off into his own, limited-run series. Because of this, he was presented with the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book in 2013. He has also worked on Felix The Cat, Barbie, Disney Adventures and Archie vs. Sharknado – a tie-in to Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No

Bad Suns are an indie rock group primarily from Los Angeles, California. The first album – Language & Perspective – released in 2014, was included on Huffington Post’s list of Best releases of 2014. Their follow-up record, released in June is titled Disappear Here.

Chris Sabat is a voice actor, ADR, and line producer at Funimation Studios as well as the founder and director of OkraTron 5000 Audio production Company. His voice acting credits include roles in Fullmetal Alchemist, YuYu Hakusho, One Piece, Speed Grapher, Lupin The Third, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle, and most notably the Dragon Ball Franchise, where he voiced several roles including that of Vegeta.

Endeavours 015 – Rudy Gao, Terra Lightfoot, Roy Mackie

Greetings Again!

Programming note – there will be one additional show this week due to my coverage of FanExpo Vancouver. Today we have Chinese-Canadian cultural ambassador Rudy Gao, Hamilton musician Terra Lightfoot and steel artist Roy Mackie!

Rudy Gao is the president of the Canada-China Cultural Development Association, an organization that was instrumental in recently bringing renowned Chinese Play The Teahouse to Vancouver. The piece was conceived and written by one of China’s finest authors – Lao She – and has been staged many times since its debut in 1957.

Terra Lightfoot is a singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. Her sophmore album, out now, is Every Time My Mind Runs Wild.

Roy Mackie is a steel sculpture artist from Vancouver who is taking part in the 20th annual Eastside Culture Crawl. A former automative and body shop repairman, he took his love of crafting and making to a level 20+ years ago. He has been featured many times in East Vancouver’s annual art showcase. You can visit his work at

From Terra Lightfoot’s Every Time My Mind Runs Wild
No Hurry
Never Will

Endeavours 014 – Simon Wynberg, Scenic Route to Alaska, Jill Baird

Weeeeeee’re Baaaaack!

Simon Wynberg is the Artistic Director of the ARC Music Ensemble and has had a diverse career as a guitarist, chamber musician and artistic director. He has collaborated with such renowned musicians as flautist William Bennett, violinists Mark Peskanov and Martin Beaver as well as the Gabrieli String Quartet. He is the curator of ARC’s musical projects, including the “Music in Exile” series, and is the Executive Producer of ARC’s recordings. Additionally, he helped bring the documentary Exit: Music about four composers who were exiled during Nazi Germany, to life.

Scenic Route To Alaska are a folk trio from Edmonton. Combining the musicality of pop music with the lyrical sensitivities of folk, their debut LP Long Walk Home is sure to become a critical darling of the indie music scene in Canada.

Jill Baird is the Executive Director of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. The Museum recently completed their Taiwanese Puppet Theatre Festival and Jill talks about what brought this unique culture to Vancouver as well its similarities to First Nations artwork that is so prevalent at MOA.


From Scenic Route to Alaska’s Long Walk Home
Long Walk Home
Taking Its Toll
Love Keeps

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