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Endeavours 016 – FanExpo#1: Let’s Get Nerdy


My wifi and reception has been up-and-down since I have been here in New York, so there was a dealy in getting this episode up. Will be additional episode up this weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Today is the first of two shows featuring interviews from FanExpo Vancouver. This show features comic book writer Dan Parent, voice actor Chris Sabat and the music from Bad Suns.

Dan Parent is a comic book writer and illustrator who is most well-known for his work on Archie. In 2012, Parent created Kevin Keller, the first gay character in Archie’s long history when he first appeared as a friend of Veronica in Veronica #202; he was soon spun-off into his own, limited-run series. Because of this, he was presented with the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book in 2013. He has also worked on Felix The Cat, Barbie, Disney Adventures and Archie vs. Sharknado – a tie-in to Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No

Bad Suns are an indie rock group primarily from Los Angeles, California. The first album – Language & Perspective – released in 2014, was included on Huffington Post’s list of Best releases of 2014. Their follow-up record, released in June is titled Disappear Here.

Chris Sabat is a voice actor, ADR, and line producer at Funimation Studios as well as the founder and director of OkraTron 5000 Audio production Company. His voice acting credits include roles in Fullmetal Alchemist, YuYu Hakusho, One Piece, Speed Grapher, Lupin The Third, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle, and most notably the Dragon Ball Franchise, where he voiced several roles including that of Vegeta.

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