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Endeavours 028 – Nobu Adilman & Daveed Goldman, Young The Giant, Fairlith Harvey

Hello there, good to see you again!

Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman are the founder of the musical group Choir Choir Choir! which has had success with several viral videos including covers of Bowie, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, The Tragically Hip and Leonard Cohen. They have also fundraisers for Syrian Refugees, victims of the Orlando Nightclub Massacre and, most recently, the women’s march in Portland.

Young The Giant are an indie rock band from Irvine, California. Their third album Home of the Strange was released in August.

Fairlith Harvey is the founder and director of Geekenders, Vancouver’s favourite nerd performance troupe. They have become known for their Star Wars-themed Burlesque shows as well their musical projects including Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical.


From Choir Choir Choir

From Young The Giant’s Home of the Strange
Something to Believe In
Art Exhibit

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