Month: February 2017

Endeavours 032 – Richard Dawkins, Kierah, Martin Santangelo

Happy Oscars!

From our archives: A chat with renowned evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins, who talks about Part 2 of his memoir: “Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life In Science. “

Also, White Rock fiddle sensation Kierah on her new album “Strong Bow” and Martin Santangelo on his Greek Theatre/Flamenco mash-up production Antigona.

From Kierah’s Strong Bow
Amber Eyes
Fair Maiden
Strong Bow

Richard Dawkins – Good Reads
Kierah – courtesy of Kierah Raymond
Noche Flamenca – courtesy of MPMG

Endeavours 031 – Crazy 8s Film Special

This week I sit down with some of the teams competing in the Crazy 8s Film Race, including actress Kyra Zagorsky, siblings Thomas and Jon Affolter, and friends Lawrence Le Lam and Nach Dudsdeemaytha. Also, Jacques Doucet from Radio Radio stops by.

From Radio Radio’s Light The Sky
Light The Sky

Endeavours 030 – Cecil Baldwin, Ashley Green, Reza Sholeh

Good evening Endeavours, good evening!

I am joined by the voice of Night Vale himself – Cecil Baldwin – who talks about the upcoming live show Ghost Stories, how the live show compares to regular episodes, how much input he has, and what it’s like working with heavyweights Mara Wilson and Wil Wheaton. Ashley Green is a music student and cellist who is taking part in VAMSO’s performance of Hector Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique. Reza Sholeh is an independent film producer who is the co-founder of the production company N5, as well as the co-creator and head writer of the web action series Petrol, which just wrapped its first season.


From Sumo Cyco’s Move Mountains
Move Mountains

Endeavours 029 – Drew Dir, Glam Skanks, Matthew White

The Bad Bitch of Snow is Back!

Drew Dir is the Artistic Director of the Chicago-based Manual Cinema, an interactive and innovative theatre company specializing in Puppetry. Their latest piece is Ada/Ava. Glam Skanks are just that: a rock a female glam band that is reclaiming music. Think of Alice Cooper meets Rocky Horror. They are currently on tour as an supporting for Adam Ant, promoting their latest release Glitter City. Matthew White is the Executive Director of Early Music Vancouver, who this month are playing works by Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier De St. Georges, one of the first black composers of the classical era.

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