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Episode 041 – Cory Doctorow, Erica Westly, LP

Sunny sunny sunny!

Cory Doctorow is a “polymath” – author, blogger, activist, amongst other things. He has long been an advocate for the liberalization of copyright laws and a proponent of the creative commons license. He currently serves as the editor of Boing Boing and has been involved with the electronic frontier foundation. His latest book – a novel – is Walkaway, a futuristic, utopian story that explores the themes of technology and transhumanism.

LP is Laura Pergolizzi, a singer-songwriter from Long Island, New York. As a songwriter, she has written tunes for Cher, backstreet Boys, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera. A noted and innovative musician in her own right, her fourth album is Lost on You. The lead single – Muddy Waters – was used in the powerful final scene of season 4 of the hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black.

Erica Westly is an author and journalist whose writings have appeared in Smithsonian, Slate, and The New York Times, among others. Her non-fiction chronicle Fastpitch: The Untold History of Softball and the Women Who Made The Game,   was a finalist for the 2017 PEN/ESPY Award for Literary Sports Writing.


From LP’s Lost On You
Lost On You
While We’re High
Muddy Waters

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