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Episode 045 – Sue Bedford, Bassem Youssef

Can we have summer now?

Sue Bedford has been many things – window dancer, online dating representative, even a Guatemalan tattoo artist; more than anything however she always wanted to be a writer. She reached her goal of being published by 30th birthday by 12 days. The book in question is It’s Only The Himalayas and Other Tales of Miscalculations From An Overconfident Backpacker. And many tales there are.

Bassem Youssef has been dubbed The Jon Stewart of Egypt”. A former surgeon, he quit his job and began his transition to comedy during the Egyptian revolution when he discovered that he was seeing and what the media was reporting were two very different things. His show was Al Bernameg, a comedy program heavily influenced by Jon Stewart, who himself appeared as a guest on season 2. He is the subject of a new documentary Tickling Giants, directed by former The Daily Show producer Sara Taksler.

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