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Episode 038 – Jimmy Eat World, Daniel Raim, CJ Ramone

Sunny Skies!

It’s a smorgasbord of awesome today. Mesa, Arizona rockers Jimmy Eat World stop by to chat about their latest album Integrity Blues and how much their life has changed since The Middle came out 15 years ago. How much different is the business? How have they stayed together for 20+ years?

Speaking of enduring legacies, filmmaker Daniel Raim’s documentary Harold & Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story, chronicles the life and career of people most of us have never heard of: the husband-and-wife team of storyboard artist (and later production designer) Harold Michelson, and film researcher Lillian Michelson. Told through a series of candid interviews with Lillian herself (Harold passed away in 2007) and featuring, among others Francis Ford Coppola and Danny Devito (who also was executive producer), Harold and Lillian tells the tale of Hollywood’s golden era power couple.

CJ Ramone is only one of eight men who can call himself a Ramone. After filling in for Dee Dee in the 1980s, he helped usher the band into the early 90s and is now a bona fide solo artist is in own right. His latest effort is American Beauty. The 12 track album features, among other things, a 90 second ode to Tommy Ramone and a cover of the Tom Waits track, Pony.

Jimmy Eat World – Listen Harder PR
Daniel Raim – Twitter
CJ Ramone (American Beauty) – Fat Wreck Chords


From Jimmy Eat World’s Integrity Blues
Get Right
Pol Roger

From CJ Ramone’s American Beauty
Tommy’s Gone

Endeavours 037 – Peter Dickinson, Michael Morimoto, Henry Rollins

Is spring finally here?


Peter Dickinson is a Vancouver-based playwright, writer, and educator, whose play Long Division is being put up by Pi Theatre. He also co-organized a symposium on Queer Theatre in Canada – Q2Q. He currently teaches at Simon Fraser University.

Michael Morimoto is a saxophone player with the Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra and is featured in their upcoming John Williams tribute concert where he the featured musician in the saxophone concerto from Catch Me If You Can.

Henry Rollins is a punk musician, actor, author, talk show show, spoken word perfomer and activist. He has fronted the bands State of Alert, Black Flag, and The Rollins band.

Episode 036 – Sal Ferreras, Fast Romantics, Henni Alftan

Welcome to the show!

Sal Ferreras is a renowned musician and educator who was inducted into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2002. He earned his PhD in 2005 and in 2010 was awarded the City of Vancouver’s Mayor’s Award for Music. He has also been a lifelong educator including being the Provost at Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 2013. He has toured all over the world including Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Taiwan, China, Australia, and all over the United States and Canada. His annual show, DrumHeat, comes to the Vogue Theatre on April 27th.

Fast Romantics are an indie-rock band based out of Toronto. After going through several line-up changes, they reformed in 2013. The second LP since reformation – American Love – will be released on April 28th.

Henni Alftan is an internationally known Finnish artist currently living and working in Paris. Painting in the traditional medium of Oil & Canvas she has been housed in over 20 Galleries across Europe. She is making her North American debut with Shadows in the Mirror, which focuses on human observations and how we perceive them. It is show at Z Gallery Arts until May 8th.

From Fast Romantics’ American Love
Why We Fight
Everybody’s Trying To Steal Your

Sal Ferreras – courtesy of MPMG
Fast Romantics – courtesy of Listen Harder
Henni Alftan – courtesy of MPMG

Episode 035 – Alex Quade, Jenn Grant, Robert Cuffley

Hurray, Hurrah, say hello to the wind!

Alex Quade is a war reporter and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning journalist who has been embedded with troops during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, including U.S. Special Operations Forces and The Green Berets. She often edits her work into documentary films, the latest of which is Danger Close, which in part is a tribute to the late Staff Sgt. Robert Pirelli.

Robert Cuffley is a writer and director whose films include Turning Paige, Walk All Over Me, and Ferocious. His latest is the surprisingly poignant rom-com Chokeslam starring Chris Marquette, Amanda Crew, Michael Eklund, and WWE legend Mick Foley. It is in Canadian theatres now.

Jenn Grant is a singer-songwriter, whose newest album, Paradise, was released earlier this year. The conversation with Jenn was recorded in 2015.

From Jenn Grant’s Compostela
Bring Me a Rose
No One’s Gonna Love You Like I Do

Alex Quade – courtesy of Alex Quade & Alex Quade Films
Chokeslam – Courtesy of RedEye Media & A71 Pictures
Jenn Grant – courtesy of

Endeavours 034 – Tim Pearce, Carmen Aguirre, Chris Hadfield

We have one new interview this week: Tim Pearce – director and manager of the Mongolian musical group Anda Union. We also dip into the archives and revisit past chats with actress, playwright, activist and author Carmen Aguirre and Canada’s leading man of space Chris Hadfield.

The Patreon page should be up and running soon

Endeavours 033 – George Mendeluk, Ashley MacIsaac, Barbara Bourget

Note: Endeavours will revert to bi-weekly format for the next couple of months.

But this week is fantastic: Canadian director George Mendeluk on his new film Bitter Harvest, award-winning fiddle player Ashley MacIsaac on his new project FDLER, and director of the Vancouver International Dance Festival, Barbara Bourget.

Hubert’s Song

Endeavours 032 – Richard Dawkins, Kierah, Martin Santangelo

Happy Oscars!

From our archives: A chat with renowned evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins, who talks about Part 2 of his memoir: “Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life In Science. “

Also, White Rock fiddle sensation Kierah on her new album “Strong Bow” and Martin Santangelo on his Greek Theatre/Flamenco mash-up production Antigona.

From Kierah’s Strong Bow
Amber Eyes
Fair Maiden
Strong Bow

Richard Dawkins – Good Reads
Kierah – courtesy of Kierah Raymond
Noche Flamenca – courtesy of MPMG

Endeavours 031 – Crazy 8s Film Special

This week I sit down with some of the teams competing in the Crazy 8s Film Race, including actress Kyra Zagorsky, siblings Thomas and Jon Affolter, and friends Lawrence Le Lam and Nach Dudsdeemaytha. Also, Jacques Doucet from Radio Radio stops by.

From Radio Radio’s Light The Sky
Light The Sky

Endeavours 030 – Cecil Baldwin, Ashley Green, Reza Sholeh

Good evening Endeavours, good evening!

I am joined by the voice of Night Vale himself – Cecil Baldwin – who talks about the upcoming live show Ghost Stories, how the live show compares to regular episodes, how much input he has, and what it’s like working with heavyweights Mara Wilson and Wil Wheaton. Ashley Green is a music student and cellist who is taking part in VAMSO’s performance of Hector Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique. Reza Sholeh is an independent film producer who is the co-founder of the production company N5, as well as the co-creator and head writer of the web action series Petrol, which just wrapped its first season.


From Sumo Cyco’s Move Mountains
Move Mountains

Endeavours 029 – Drew Dir, Glam Skanks, Matthew White

The Bad Bitch of Snow is Back!

Drew Dir is the Artistic Director of the Chicago-based Manual Cinema, an interactive and innovative theatre company specializing in Puppetry. Their latest piece is Ada/Ava. Glam Skanks are just that: a rock a female glam band that is reclaiming music. Think of Alice Cooper meets Rocky Horror. They are currently on tour as an supporting for Adam Ant, promoting their latest release Glitter City. Matthew White is the Executive Director of Early Music Vancouver, who this month are playing works by Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier De St. Georges, one of the first black composers of the classical era.

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