Endeavours 011 – David Wilkinson, Ziggy Marley, Andy Thompson

October 13, 2016

Greetings! Good to see you again!

Today on the show: Documentary filmmaker David Wilkinson, reggae musician Ziggy Marley, theatre director Andy Thompson.

David Wilkinson has spent decades trying to prove something: that the “first film” was actually made in Leeds in 1888. His efforts and evidence are chronicled in the new documentary The First Film. David talks about why he decided to go the film route instead of television, why there will always be critics, an of course, European vs. North American film making.

Ziggy Marley – son of reggae legend Bob Marley – first got his start in The Melody Makers, comprised of him and his siblings. Since disbanding, he has embarked on an ambitious solo career and philosophy of revolution through love. His most recent album – his sixth – his self-titled and was released in May.

Andy Thompson is the artistic director of The Virtual Stage, an interactive theatre company based in Vancouver and makers of the annual Zombie Syndrome. This year, Andy & friends are using the latest in smart-phone technology – Apple’s iBeacon – and working with TerraTap to create the ultimate zombie theatre-going experience.

From Ziggy Marley’s Ziggy Marley
Better Together
Love Is A Rebellion
Weekend’s Long

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