Endeavours 015 – Rudy Gao, Terra Lightfoot, Roy Mackie

November 14, 2016

Greetings Again!

Programming note – there will be one additional show this week due to my coverage of FanExpo Vancouver. Today we have Chinese-Canadian cultural ambassador Rudy Gao, Hamilton musician Terra Lightfoot and steel artist Roy Mackie!

Rudy Gao is the president of the Canada-China Cultural Development Association, an organization that was instrumental in recently bringing renowned Chinese Play The Teahouse to Vancouver. The piece was conceived and written by one of China’s finest authors – Lao She – and has been staged many times since its debut in 1957.

Terra Lightfoot is a singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. Her sophmore album, out now, is Every Time My Mind Runs Wild.

Roy Mackie is a steel sculpture artist from Vancouver who is taking part in the 20th annual Eastside Culture Crawl. A former automative and body shop repairman, he took his love of crafting and making to a level 20+ years ago. He has been featured many times in East Vancouver’s annual art showcase. You can visit his work at

From Terra Lightfoot’s Every Time My Mind Runs Wild
No Hurry
Never Will

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