Episode 058 – Franny McCabe-Bennett, Lana Šlezić

September 22, 2017

Franny McCabe-Bennett is an award-winning actress, writer, and theatre performer. She is co-founder of the award-winning Two Juliets and has featured in such productions as Avenue Q and Twelfth Night. Her newest one-woman show is Smashes, a biography of sorts on early feminist icon Charlotte Perkins Gilman, intertwined with modern day living and Franny’s personal experiences.

Lana Šlezić is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker who won a World Press Photo Award for her portrait series on Afghan Women entitled A Window Inside. She has created several short documentaries, the most recent being Andy Barrie: The Voice, which chronicles CBC host Andy Barrie’s battle with Parkinson’s disease. Her newest project is Bee Nation, which tells the story of first nations children from Saskatchewan who competed in the National Spelling Bee of Canada. It airs on CBC September 24.

Bee Nation image courtesy of the CBC

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