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Episode 069 – Halloween Spooktacular ft. Dr. Bob Curran, Mink Stole, Sid Haig, Ashley C. Williams

October 31, 2017

Halloween Spooktacular

Welcome. Strap in. Is there enough blood on your face?

Today Dr. Bob Curran, folklorist extraordinaire, guides us through the history of All Hallows Eve from Pagan to Present Days with talk of vampires, werewolves, zombies and other deliciously nightmarish things. Additionally he picks the creepiest place in the world he has ever visited, his favourite horror author and movie.

From Bob, we hit the cultural revolution that is the horror film industry from three stars who know it intimately. First up, Mink Stole – an original member of John Waters’ ragtag bunch of outcasts, The Dreamlanders – talks her history with John, horror films then and now and where she feels she fits in in the horror world.

Next up is everyone’s favourite sadistic clown of a grandfather, Sid Haig. Sid talks about his career revival thanks to the like of Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie, how it almost didn’t happen, and whether or not Captain Spaulding should run for president.

Finally, Ashley C. Williams talks about being cast in the most infamous, memorable, and iconic gory horror films of the last decade, the disgustingly brilliant The Human Centipede.

Greensleeves – Lotion
Mink Stole – Born of a Restless Spirit
The T-Birds – Full House
The Young Werewolves – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Image courtesy of Church of Halloween

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