Episode 070 – Doug Nichol & Martin Howard, Laura Sauvage, Evalyn Parry & Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory

November 03, 2017

Episode 070

Doug Nichol is the director of the new documentary California Typewriter, which, among others, features with Tom Hanks, John Mayer and Sam Shephard. Also featured in the film is typewriter collector Martin Howard, who talks about his love the machine and its art form. Martin’s collection can be viewed at

Laura Sauvage got her start as a member of the Chiac language, New Brunswick-based band Les Hay Babies. During the last three years touring, she began to develop her own songs are the result was her first solo album The Beautiful.

Evalyn Parry and Laakkuluk Williamson met on an Arctic expedition to Greenland. Finding that they had a lot in common, the Inuit artist and the Queer theatre-maker joined forces to creative a brand new stage-show entitled Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools, playing now at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

From Laura Sauvage’s The Beautiful
Hello, Hello
You’re Ugly When You Cry

Photo courtesy of Melanie Kaye PR

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