Episode 074 – AJ Jacobs, The Kents

November 21, 2017

Today on the show: it’s AJ Jacobs and The Kents! 

AJ Jacobs is a writer, journalist, columnist and author who sees life as a series of experiments. He first came to prominence by reading all 32 volumes of Enclyopaedia Brittanica, which he chronicles in his first book The Know It All. Since then he was written about living Biblically, outsourcing his life, taking health advice and most recently, putting together the world’s largest family tree for a “global family reunion”. He talks about in his latest book “It’s All Relative”.

The Kents are a four-piece indie band from Lindsay, Ontario. After the success of their first EP Waking, they quickly got to work on their next project, the result of which is the five-song Within Waves, released in October.


From The Kents’ Within Waves
Is There Anyone?

Photo courtesy of Listen Harder PR, copyright Brody White

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