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Episode 075 – Blood In The Snow Festival, 54-40, Susan Coyne

November 24, 2017



The Blood In The Snow Festival is back and better than ever. BITS is an all-Canadian, all-horror film festival in Toronto. I spoke with founder Kelly Michael Stewart as well the teams behind the films:

From Buckout Road:
Matthew Currie Holmes (writer-director)
John Gillespie (producer)

From Red Spring:
Jeff Sinasac (writer-director, actor – Ray)
Tanya Dodds (executive producer)

From Darken:
Audrey Cummings (writer-director)

From Once Upon A Time At Christmas
Sayla Vee De Goede (actor – Mrs. Claus)
Laurel Brady (actor – Jennifer)

Also, Neil Osborne and Brad Merritt of 54-40 talk about their 35+ years in the music business, how it has changed, songwriting, and their upcoming new album.

Finally, screenwriter Susan Coyne on The Man Who Invented Christmas, a Charles Dickens origin story of A Christmas Carol


  1. Jeff says:

    Can’t seem to find a play button.

    1. Dan McPeake says:

      Updated. Thank you

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