Episode 079 – Greg Sestero, Diego Klattenhoff, Dizzy

December 06, 2017

Episode 079

There are few movies quite like The Room. In fact, there are zero. Perhaps that’s why the “best, worst movie” ever made has garnered such a following since its release in 2003. One of the two lead actors in the movie, Greg Sestero, wrote about the experience – The Disaster Artist – to rave reviews. Now that book has become a film of its own starring non-other than modern Renaissance Man James Franco as the film’s writer-director Tommy Wiseau and Franco’s younger brother Dave as Sestero as well as Seth Rogen and a host of celebrity cameos.

Diego Klattenhoff may be a big TV Star in the states with series regular roles in both Homeland and The Blacklist, but the French River, Nova Scotia native has never forgotten his Canadian roots. While on hiatus, he returned north of border to star in the Apocalyptic thriller Radius.

Dizzy is a quartet from Oshawa, Ontario comprising of brother Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer and their friend Katie Munshaw. Their debut album will be released in 2018

Greg Sestero – IMDB

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  1. Kathleen Brenner says:

    I’d love to listen to this one with Diego Klattenhoff but can’t find how to get it to play….help! 😀

    1. Dan McPeake says:

      If you go to the top where where it is episode 079… that is a link. If you click on that you should be able to play it… do let me know if that works

      You can also download the episode on iTunes

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