Episode 088 – A Conversation With Reza Sholeh

January 08, 2018


Back in February 2017, Reza Sholeh and I chatted about an exciting new web series called Petrol. Reza is back, this time in person, and we talked about many, many things. Season two of Petrol has wrapped with a yet-to-be-determined release date. But Reza’s first love has always been acting, and recently, he was the star of a movie called Detainee X. We also delve into the world of investigative journalism, specifically Human Smuggling, which Reza tackles in his documentary Passport Control. Although we didn’t get to it in the interview, Reza was part of the voice cast for The Breadwinner, recently nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2018 Golden Globes. Here is me and Reza Sholeh

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