Episode 089 – Robin Ince/Traces

January 12, 2018


Robin Ince got started his career as stand-up comedian and support act for Ricky Gervais. While still involved in the world of comedy, he has also become one of Britain’s preeminent science presenters, co-hosting the BBC Radio show Infinite Monkey Cage, which physicist, Professor Brian Cox. He has given TedX talks, hosted panel shows and now has begun working with retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on a night of science, music and fun.

Traces is 20 year-old Tim Denhert. Initially from San Diego, he now calls Los Angeles home. Being in California surrounded him with many different tastes and influences, all of which are present on his debut EP. Heart of Gold can be considered a fusion of pop, hip-hop, rock and EDM and often centres on the confusion that comes with growing up in these times. The six-song record is out now via Dine Alone Records

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