Episode 090 – Christian Picciolini

January 15, 2018


For the majority of his teen years and into his early twenties, Christian Picciolini loved to hate. He preached it. As a leader in one of the most notorious White Nationalist groups in the United States, he felt it was his duty. But then he had a child and the first seeds of doubt were planted. It has been over twenty years since Christian left the movement and since then he has been a musician, started his own record label, won a regional Emmy Award, started an anti-hate advocacy group, befriended Joan Jett, and written a memoir entitled White American Youth. Unsurprisingly, Christian sees parallels between his what he witnessed in the 80s and what is happening now with “race riots”. But he also talks about how music helped him through the darkest of times.

All songs by Random55. Played with permission, courtesy of Christian Picciolini.

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