Episode 108 – Lee Doud, Dave Moffatt

March 27, 2018



Lee Doud is currently starring in season 2 of I’m Fine, now streaming on Dekko. He also co-starred in the indie feature “KTown Cowboys” and has guested on the TV Series “Californication”, “House of Lies” and “Last Man Standing”. He recently contributed a piece to the advocate entitled “The Gay Community’s Fear and Loathing of Asian Men Must End” 


In the 1990s, Dave Moffatt and his brothers Scott, Clint, and Bob were on top of the pop-music charts with their songs “I’ll Be There For You” and  “Miss You Like Crazy”, when they were barely in their teens. After a turn at harder-edged material with 2000’s Submodalities, The Moffatts did what most boy bands to do and disbanded. But music never left them. After working and collaborating in Thailand and working on various solo projects, the four brothers are back together again and have released their first single “Secrets” in nearly 18 years. Dave chats about what brought them back together.



The Moffats
I’ll Be There For You

Photo – Lee Doud, Status PR

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