Episode 117 – Tami Stronach; Michelle Morgan

May 09, 2018


Tami Stronach found fame as a child for her role in the 1984 classic fantasy film The Neverending Story. Although she has largely stayed out of the limelight since then, she has continued to work as an artist, finding a 2nd career as a dancer and choreographer as well as a theatre actor and producer. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, she founded The Paper Canoe Company, a children’s entertainment company which recently produced and released a children’s album titled Beanstalk Jack. She has also made her way back to film, working as a fight coordinator for a film in the Czech Republic (which included an inevitable on-screen death) and an on-screen cameo in the low-budget meta feature, Ultra Low.

For 11 seasons Michelle Morgan has starred in the long-running CBC family drama Heartland. In between seasons, she managed to shoot an indie-thriller titled Ice Blue, which is in theatres now.

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