Episode 161 – Agnes Varda, Patricia Velasquez

April 10, 2019


In February 2018, Agnes Varda was a guest on Endeavours to talk about her documentary Faces Places, which had been nominated for a Best Feature Documentary Academy Award. Three months earlier in November, she had received an honorary Oscar at the Governor’s Awards. She was oldest competitive nominee in history. Ms. Varda passed away on March 29 at the age of 90. The interview is re-aired in tribute.

Patricia Velasquez is an actress, model and activist who has appeared in numerous films including The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Her latest is The Curse of La Llorona, which is the sixth film in The Conjuring Universe. An indigenous Waayu from Venezuela, Velasquez is also an activist through her Waayu Taya Foundation. The film opens April 19.

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