Episode 180 – Kevin Eastwood, Bianca Andreescu

August 12, 2019

Kevin Eastwood is Canadian filmmaker who has worked as a producer, cinematographer, writer and director in film and television in both the narrative and documentary reams. He was a producer on the 2006 Zombie comedy “Fido” starring Carrie-Ann Moss and Billy Connollly, as well as Preggoland and the canadian cult hit “The Delicate Art of Parking”. As a documentarian he was worked on “Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH”, “After The Sirens” and his latest project “ Humboldt: The New Season”, which chronicles the Humboldt Broncos hockey team the season after their tragic bus crash. It premieres on CBC POV on August 15th. I spoke with Kevin last week.

That was Kevin Eastwood. His documentary – Humboldt: The Next season premieres on CBC POV on Thursday, August 15th.

Sports. I may work at a nerd bar but I do like occasionally watching sportsball. Those close to me know that I am a massive baseball fans. I love my bluejays. However, one could also consider me a closet tennis fan. I was editing the show yesterday and was all set to put it up when something huge happened in Canadian Tennis – Bianca Andreescu won the Rogers Cup. I first interviewed Bianca back in February and aired her interview in early March. Since then since has two major tournaments and Sky-Rocketed to #14 in the WTA Rankings. In honour of her victory – the Canadian Woman in 50 years to win in Toronto – I am re-airing her interview. Here is Bianca Andreescu.

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