Episode 181 – Wendy McColm, Screaming At Traffic

August 15, 2019

Hello, and Welcome to Endeavours. On the show today – actress, writer and director Wendy McColm and Winnipeg punk band Screaming at Traffic.

My first guest is an actress, writer and director who has appeared on such TV Shows as How I Met Your Mother, Community, The Office, The Intern, Comedy Bang Bang, as well as several shorts for College Humour. She has written and directed several short films and has just released her debut feature “Birds Without Feathers”. This is my conversation with Wendy McColm.

And now here is a song by Screaming at Traffic from their album I Don’t Like Sports, this is their single “Broken Teeth”.

Screaming at Traffic is a punk rock band from Winnipeg, Mb, made up of Jacques Richer, Duncan Murta, Paul Colman, and Stefan St. Godard. Their no frills emo-punk riffing add to the group’s frenzied live performance and raw yet melodic songwriting.

After forming in May of 2017, Screaming at Traffic premiered their debut EP “S.A.T.” via, a Polish based webzine. In July, the album became available on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes. The song “Monstrosity” off the group’s debut EP was featured in a Spotify playlist curated by the Montreal based website Punkanormal Activity. The EP also began charting on Earshot in October, reaching number 2 in Edmonton, and ranked 9th on the national loud charts. Their debut full-length album “I Don’t Like Sports” is out now., I spoke with Jacques and Paul last week

That was Jacques Richer and Paul Colman of Screaming at Traffic. Their album “I Don’t Like Sports” is out now. Here is the title track off their album.

That was I Don’t Like Sports by Screaming at Traffic off their album of the same name. That does it for me today. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time by for now.


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